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If you see a design you want, please write down the page number AND the entire item number of the design.

If you have trouble viewing the price and item number of a design, simply click the design you’re interested in and the numbers will be enlarged.

To purchase a design, simply click the Checkout button and fill out the order form.

Reminder: Please be sure to record the item I.D. number and price of the design you’re interested in so you can input it into the order form.

Some of the images featured on our designs are for display purposes only. In some cases, we will use one or more images that are similar but not the same as the images displayed on our featured designs. If the images that we use for your design are different than the images featured, we will send you a sample of the design for your approval before we finalize your order. No worries. We haven’t had a complaint yet.

We do not sell empty designs.

The designs featured are not patches or embroidery.  You are purchasing your own personal graphic, but if you’d like to have the design embroidered or made into a patch, you will need to contact your local or online embroidery shop.