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Read Before Ordering

•Be sure that you’ve recorded and inputted the correct Item I.D. number before placing your order.  We do not refund designs once we’ve sent them to the customer because we cannot ensure that the client won’t use the design, nor can we sell it to anyone else as an “exclusive” design.
•100% of the fee must be paid for upfront.  We do not accept partial payments or deposits for designs featured in our store.
•If you want to change the color or imagery on a design, please note that there is a $25 color change fee and a $10 per image change/removal fee.  You must pay for the changes before any changes to the design are made.
•No refunds or exchanges for any reason.
•Once you submit the text to us for your new design and we release that design to you, you cannot freely request that we change the text.  We will freely correct any errors in the text (misspelled words or names, punctuation), but if you submit new text to us that was not submitted in your initial order, you will have to pay the “Change Text” fee of $49.  A great example would be: In Bishop John’s initial order, he requested that we place the following text on his design: Seal of the Bishop, Bishop John L. Doe, III., 1 Corinthians 4:11.  We place the text on Bishop John’s design and send it to him, but he then changes his mind and requests that we place Bishop John L. Doe, III. Worldwide Ministries on his design.  In such cases, the customer is simply attempting to use the design as a Seal and a Logo, and while we are not opposed to this, it is considered a new order, and as such, cannot and will not be considered as a revision.  This means that Bishop John will have to pay to use multiple renditions of his design.  Even if the customer is not attempting to use the design as a Seal or a Logo, any next text submitted is considered a new order and not a revision, and as such, will be billed at our Multiple License fee of $49 per request.
•We don’t sell empty designs, meaning, we don’t give out files with no text on them.  You must send us the text that you’d like on your design, and we will place the text on the design before sending it to you.
•Under no circumstances do we send out or sell PSD files.