Jesus Christ is Lord!

That is our confession of faith!  We are a Christian ministry and business, providing love and services to our brethren in the Lord.  With that being said, we do NOT design seals or logos representing other deities, nor do we use pagan symbols!

Who is Anointed Fire?

Anointed Fire is a Christian ministry and business founded in 2010.  Since the launch of Anointed Fire Seal and Logo Translations in 2011, we have designed more than one thousand Seals, Crests and Logos for ministries around the world.  Our focus is providing quality and affordable branding for Christian ministries looking to promote the Kingdom of God and the excellence thereof.

Exclusive Designs

Our designs are exclusive to the buyer only… unless otherwise noted.  This means that when you purchase a Seal or Logo from Anointed Fire, you won’t have to worry about us reselling or recreating your design for anyone!  Your design is as unique as you are!

Our Commercials