What’s the difference between a seal and a logo and can the logos be used as seals and vice versa?

A logo is usually for a business or ministry; a seal is usually for a person. In other words, the logo is for the office (ministry); whereas the seal is for the officer (minister). All the same, universities can have seals, and some ministries prefer to have seals labeled “The Great Seal of the Church” as opposed to a traditional logo. There are some seals and logos that can be used as both, but there are some logos that cannot pass for seals. Seals are usually round, ovular, marquise, diamond shaped, or square. As an individual, your seal does not have to be uniform to anyone else’s. All seals can be used as logos, but some logos can be used as seals.

I saw a seal/logo that I like, but it was the wrong color. Can we change the color or images on the ones in the store?

Yes, most of the designs can have modifications made to them. You will have to pay for the design and modifications before we start the process. Review the pricing below.
Color change: $25
Image changes: $10/ per image
Rebuild fee: $99 + the price marked in the store.

What is the order process?

Simply fill out the order form and pay the full price for your new seal or logo.  Once we receive the information, we will place your text on the design, and send it back to you.  With all store orders, you are allowed up to one free revision.  Additional revisions are $49 each.

I don’t have Paypal.  Is there another way to pay you?

You don’t need a Paypal account to make the payment via Paypal.  You simply need a credit card or debit card.  We also offer payment options through Square.  Please contact us for details.

What formats will I receive after I complete my payment?


Can I receive the files in EPS Format?

Yes, of course. EPS format is $49.

Is the money refundable?


Will you ever sell my design or recreate it for someone else?

No.  Our designs are exclusive to the buyer only unless otherwise noted.