REMINDER: You have up to 48 hours to approve your design or request a revision after you’ve been notified that your design is complete. You can request an extension and we will hold the design up to 7 days at no additional fee to you. After 48 hours with no extension or 7 days for customers who’ve requested extensions, there will be a $49 fee added to the design in holding. This fee will continue to climb every 30 days that your design is in holding and has not been approved. If your design has been posted on our site for more than seven days and you are unable to log into the window that your design was posted in, your design has been moved to our Past Due Accounts page (click here). Please note that the $49 fee is added to EVERY account that has been moved to our Past Due Accounts page.

Please contact your Designer for additional information and fees.

To check the status of your order, simply click the Window assigned to you by the Designer. Once you enter the Window, enter the password associated with that Window. Further instructions are available inside your assigned window.
If you have not been assigned a Window or given the password to the window assigned to you, please click here to manually request the status of your order. Please allow us up to 24 hours to respond to your request. Additionally, this form is only to be used when you have not received your order within the time-frame advertised on our site (24 hours or less for Store featured items/ 48 hours or less for Custom Template offers/ 72 hours or less for Custom Designs).