Rules, Guidelines and Need-to-Know Info

1. You must be over 18 years of age or older.
2. The seals are ministerial only.
3. To continue designing your seals at such a low price, you are allowed one revision request with the $199 offer.  If you need think you’ll need more revisions, order a package that allows more revisions.  Ninety-nine percent of our customers order the $199 order with no problems.
4. Our order process for the $199 is as follows:
—-Client submits order and pays deposit or full balance.
—-Seal is designed and submitted to client for approval.
—-If client does not approve, client specifically requests what revisions are to be made.
—-If the client does approve, he/she will pay the order balance (if it was not paid upfront).
—-After we have received the final payment, we will email the files to the client.
5. No refunds or exchanges.  Once we start creating a design, we will not refund that design under any circumstances.
6. Our business is an extension of our ministry, and as such, we reserve the right to refuse service if a request goes against our beliefs or our morals.  No exceptions.
7. The final payment (balance) is due 24-48 hours after we notify the client that their design is ready.  Any designs paid for after 48 hours will be billed an additional $49 for our holding fee.

Seal Types

1. Seal of the Bishop
2. Seal of the Apostle
3. Seal of the Overseer
4. Seal of the Pastor
5. Seal of the Prophet
6. Seal of the Psalmist
7. Seal of the Evangelist
8. Seal of the First Lady
9. Seal of the Teacher
10. Seal of the Presiding Bishop

We can and will use Latin, Greek and other languages when requested.

What You Will Receive

1. Design in JPG format
2. Design in PDF format
3. Design in PNG format
4. Design in GIF (Still) format (no animation)
5. EPS format is $49 more.

We can and will use Latin, Greek and other languages when requested.

Our Rights

1. We can and do uphold the right to deny placing any image, shapes or text on the seal that we believe to be demonic.  Should you have submitted this information to us initially and we unintentionally overlooked it, we will give you the option to continue the design without the image, shape or text or we will fully refund you.  However, no refund is offered if the information was submitted after the order has been successfully placed.
2. All work that we design will be placed in our portfolio.  Any requests to do otherwise will be denied unless you pay the full rights fee, which is $550.  Your design is your design, but we do retain the right to advertise the design.
3. We will not and do not copy another designer’s work.  All requests to do so will be denied.
4. We reserve the right to deny service to anyone whose order request is in direct conflict with our religious beliefs.  We also exercise our Fifth Amendment right.