Plan A
Custom Seal or Logo (Graphic)
Up to One Revision
Plan B
Custom Seal or Logo (Graphic)
Up to Two Revisions
Plan C
Custom Seal or Logo (Graphic)
Up to Three Revisions
Plan D
Custom Seal or Logo (Graphic)
Up to Two Concepts
Plan E
Custom Seal or Logo (Graphic)
Up to Three Concepts
Plan F
Custom Seal or Logo (Graphic)
Up to Five Concepts

What is the difference between a revision versus a concept? It’s simple.

Revisions: With packages that allow revisions, we will custom create one design and should you request a revision, we’ll make the necessary changes (this, of course, depends on the amount of revisions you have remaining). 

Concepts: With packages that allow concepts, we will design the amount of seal or logo concepts that each package allows; for example, if you choose Package E, we’ll create five designs for you to choose from. These designs, however, cannot be revised freely. To receive a revision, you’d pay the $49 upgrade fee or you can, for example, have us create four concepts and use your one remaining concept to have us to revise the design that you choose.

Color Change Fee

$25 plus the cost of the design.

Add or Change Images

$10 per image plus the cost of the design. This fee includes store designs and custom designs. With custom designs, if you request a particular image and then, change your mind and want something different (before the files are sent to you), there is a $10 image change fee. If you request a different image after the files have been submitted, there is a $49 change fee. Additional fees may apply depending on the nature of the request.

EPS Format

(Please note that are all designs are emailed to you in GIF, PNG, JPG and PDF formats at no additional cost to you, but if you desire the design in EPS format, there is a small fee).

Matching Seal or Logo

$99/ each.
A matching piece CAN ONLY be purchased when purchased along with a design (marked regular price) or within 48 hours of purchasing a regularly priced design on our website.

Gray & White (Color Removed from Design)

$25 per design

Interpret Design Symbols

We’ll email or create a video describing the meaning of each symbol on your design. Don’t worry. We research symbols and do not use demonic or pagan symbols on our designs. An email interpretation is $14.99 and a video interpretation is $49.00. Please allow up to 5 business days for video interpretations.

Change Text

Change the text on a design purchased from us, whether it’s an old design or a revision. In the case of revisions, we charge $49 when the customer submits new text to us that was not originally submitted via the order form.  Please be reminded that there is no cost to you for us to change the text on a design purchased from our store.  The only time you’ll pay to change the text is if you want to change the text on a design previously purchased from us or if you request one name to be placed on the design, and then, you request something different after the design has been submitted to you.

Resend Lost Files

$25 per design (Email Only)