Understanding Exclusivity

Most of the designs featured on our site are exclusive to the buyer only, unless otherwise noted. Our guarantee of exclusivity simply means that we will not sale the exact design we’ve created for you to anyone else if you have purchased an exclusive design or a custom design (valued at $199 or higher). It also means that we will not recreate the exact design we’ve sold to you to anyone else if, again, your design is an exclusive design. We can and will, however, use the “bones” or backdrop of a design to create something similar for someone else. This means that their design may be similar to yours, but it won’t be the same. Additionally, we will try to stray as far away from your design as possible.

Store Featured Designs

Occasionally, we have customers who will purchase a store design and then order several changes to that design. For example, the customer may purchase a red and gold design with four partitions in the center. In those partitions are a lamb, cross, dove and a bible. The customer may pay for the images to be changed to a lion, the mercy seat, a globe and a set of praying hands. The customer may also order a color change, changing the colors from red and gold to blue and gold. In a case like this, the original design will NOT be removed from our store since the customer is NOT purchasing the featured design. Instead, the customer is purchasing the “bones” or backdrop of the design and customizing it. In a case like this, we reserve the right to keep the original design in the store because it is not the same as the design the customer ordered. In this case, if the customer requests that we remove that particular design, we will send the customer an invoice for $599 to buy the full rights to that template unless, of course, it is a standard template. We will not stop using standard templates.

All seal and logo creators have “standard templates” that are commonly ordered by customers. Because of this, we cannot and will not cease and desist using a template, even though some of us will not sale your exact design.

Custom Designs

Because our customers know that the majority of the designs on our site are exclusive to the buyer only, many of them will opt to order a custom design when they come across a design in our portfolio that they are interested in. When this happens, we explain to the customer that we cannot sale nor recreate your design, but we can use the “bones” or backdrop of the design or let the design inspire us. In some cases, the customer will attempt to control the design process in an attempt to get your exact design with maybe one or two changes. When this happens, we always explain to the customer that the design is yours exclusively and we cannot sale the same design to them, even with minor changes. We then offer the customer an opportunity to allow us to create something different, but somewhat similar to your design and if the customer refuses, we offer that customer a full refund. This is to say that we take our law of exclusivity seriously and our goal is to ensure that you are not forced to share the same design with anyone else.

Why You Should Never Want Someone Else’s Design

Most of our customers shop our store for their own unique design, but we do receive requests from people who are infatuated with someone else’s design. In many of these cases, we are able to convince the customer to shop for his or her own unique design, but in some cases, we’ve had customers to go to other companies who would be willing to recreate another person’s design for them. What those companies do not tell them is that those designs are copyright, meaning, the person who purchased the right to use that design and/or the company that created that design can reach out to the person who’s using it and demand that they cease and desist using that design. If the customer refuses, the company that created that design and/or the person who purchased the rights to that design can (and oftentimes will) sue that person for copyright infringement. What does this mean? Anytime you have another person’s design recreated, you are basically saying that you don’t expect your ministry to grow enough to get noticed by the original copyright holder. This means that you won’t be able to go on television and have your design flash across the screen because the copyright holders may see the design and take you to court. For this reason, we encourage our customers and our potential customers to purchase their own unique design … one that can go with them wherever they do.