To ensure that you are more than satisfied with our services, we offer one free revision on most of our store designs and custom designs; that is, unless your package does not permit it. Please see package details for more information. For those packages that do allow up to one revision, we wanted to make sure that there is some clarity involving the word “revision.

What a Revision Is

A revision is a simple change made to a design AFTER we’ve sent the design sample over. Howbeit, once we send over the final files, it is no longer considered a revision, but a new order. A revision, for example, is when our client says, “I don’t like the font on this design. Can we use a different font? Or I don’t like the specific dove you used. Can we use a different dove? Please note that store designs come “as is” unless you specifically pay for a change, so if you don’t like the dove on a design in our store, you would have to pay to have that dove exchanged for a different dove or a different image altogether.

What a Revision is Not

A revision is NOT an opportunity to receive two designs. For example, in an attempt to save money, it is common practice for some people to ask for the words “Seal of the Bishop” to be placed on a design. Once we’ve finished creating the design, those same people will email us and say, “I’ve changed my mind. Please remove ‘Seal of the Bishop’ and put my ministry’s name instead.” This is NOT a revision; it is a new order. This is a client who simply wants to use one design as both a logo and a seal, and this is fine as long as the client pays for two licenses.

A Few Rules

  1. Any requests made after a design has been released is a new order!
  2. Please note that if we’ve released a design (via email or mail), but you say that you haven’t received it, you are still required to pay an additional fee if you make changes to your original request, either minor or major.
  3. If you didn’t require any revisions, this does not give you a revision credit that can be used in the future. For example, you cannot say, “I ordered a logo from you two months ago, but I never used my revision. We’ve decided that we want to use a different font.” Once the design has been released to you, any new request is a new order.
  4. You cannot use a revision to exchange one design for another. Once you pay for a design, and we release that design to you, you cannot refund or exchange it for any reason.
  5. If you request to change the font on a design, you will be required to pay for the font of your choice (or the license to use it), if the font designer (or owner) charges for the use of it. We will not be held morally or financially responsible for the use of a commercial font!