Purchase any of the designs featured in our store tab. Simply fill out the form, input the page and I.D. number and pay for your order. Please note that the items in the store tab are already created, therefore, we do not accept deposits on store featured items. We require 100% fee upfront for store-featured designs. After we’ve received your payment and the text you want on your new design, we will customize the design for you and email it to you. Please allow up to 24 hours to receive your design and allow us up to 24 hours to remove your design from our store.


This is not a checkout page.  Our Additional pricing section is for individuals who want to make changes to the designs featured in our Store tab.  Please note that there is no additional charge for us to add your name and submitted text to the design you’ve purchased.  There is, however, a fee to change the color of a design, change the imagery (add or delete) on a design and change the text on a design that’s different from the text you originally submitted.


We will custom create a Seal, Crest or Logo for you. Simply fill out the order form, pay 50% (deposit) or the balance (100%) upfront. Once we receive your order and your payment, we will start custom creating your new design. Within 72 hours, your design will be ready to be reviewed by you. Please note that this is NOT the section to customize a store-featured design. Store designs are sold “as is”, but we can change the color ($25) and the imagery ($10 per image) for store featured designs. Please see our Additional Pricing tab for more information.


In our Specialty Store, there are a class of designs referred to as Customizable Designs.  These designs are blank templates with little to no imagery displayed.  You would simply purchase the design you want and tell us what imagery you want placed on your design.  Please note that there is a $25 fee to change the color of the featured designs.  Be sure to read the ordering information featured on the Customizable Designs page before placing your order.