Store Purchases

Are there any additional fees for the designs in the store, besides what's listed on them?
No. If you’re purchasing the design as it is with no changes (except for text changes), the price you see is the price you’ll pay.
I want to change the color of a design in the store. Is this possible and if so, how much will it cost?
Yes, it is possible. The fee is $25 to change the color or colors of a design featured in our store.
I want to change one of the images on a design I see. How would I go about this?
Simply fill out the order form and input that information in the “Additional Info” box. Please note that there is a $10 (per image) change fee, so you will have to pay for the image change or changes before we edit the design.
I see a design that I want, but I'd like to see what it looks like with my ministry's name first. Is this possible?
No. Text does not change how the design looks. We created the designs so you can see them before purchasing them, however, we will not add text to designs that have not been purchased.

Custom Designs

Do I have to pay 100% of the fee before getting started?
No. You simply have to pay 50% down of the package you are ordering.
I ordered a custom design. Will you create a few designs for me so I can choose from them?
No. The $199 package, for example, allows one revision. With this package, we’ll create one design for you. If you are not pleased with the design, you can use your free revision to have us to create something different. Please note that if you like the first design, it is better to use your free revision to have whatever changes you want made to it, rather than requesting an entirely different design. The reason is, you’ll likely want another revision to make changes to the first or the second design, but to do this, you will have to pay the $49 revision fee.
Do you offer unlimited revisions on any of your packages?
Yes, for unlimited revisions, you’ll need to purchase Package C for $599.
I want my Seal to have a certain hue of purple, but I don't know the name. How can I convey this to the designer?
No problem! On the order form, simply attach an image that has the exact color purple that you want and we’ll take it from there! If you don’t know how to attach an image, simply place your order and send us the link to the image.
Can I make a lot of changes to a design in your store?
Of course you can, but remember, there is a $25 color change fee and a $10 (per image) image change and image add fee. So, for example, if you’re changing the color and four images, plus, adding two additional images, you’ll be paying an additional $85 on top of the design cost. In some cases, it is better to order a custom design and point us to one of the store designs that you like, so we can create something similar.


I prefer to speak with someone before ordering so I can ask my questions one on one. Is this possible?
Yes, it is, but to keep down costs on our site across the board, we ask that you search our Help Center for answers first. A large majority of the questions we answer over the phone are answered in our Help Center.
I need to change the text on a design. Is this option available?
Yes, it is. If you purchased the design from Anointed Fire, we can edit the file. The change text fee is just $49 per design.
What happened to the $49 Non-Exclusive designs? I looked for it on the site, but could not find it.
That promotion was a test promotion and it ended. We decided to discontinue it and replace it with our Customizable Templates (Non Exclusive).

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