Option One

Custom Design for $199

Our custom designs start at $199. Now, you can choose one of the Picturesque designs and customize it for just $199. This means that we’ll change the colors, imagery and even add additional imagery like miters, crosiers, wreaths, etc. at no additional cost. The difference between this option versus Option Two is, with Option Two, you can only change the color of the design plus the four images in the partitions; nothing more! With the custom design option, you can add as many images as you please. If you want to use any of the templates for this option, be sure to indicate this in the order form.

Option Three

Matching Piece for $99

In order to qualify for this offer, you will have had to purchase a design from our store tab at $125 or more, or you will have had to purchased a custom design ($199 or higher) within the last 48 hours. If you choose one of the templates for your matching piece (style) after you’ve purchased a design from us, you can customize the design to your liking. Please note that because it is a matching piece, we will change the color to match the design you purchased and replace some of the imagery with images from the design you purchased. The goal is to ensure that it matches what you purchased from us.

Option Two

Customize Design for $149

This means you are not purchasing any other designs but the one you’re customizing. You can customize any of the designs in this store for $149. Please note that we are willing to make the following customizations under this offer: We will change the color and imagery at no additional cost. If you want to add a wreath, mitre, croziers, lions or any additional images outside of the four images in the partitions, we will consider the design as a custom design. This takes the price up to $199, since our custom designs start at $199. Any offers that fall under custom designs are subject to those rules.

Option Four

Matching Piece Jr. for $59

In order to qualify for this offer, you will have had to purchase two designs from our site within the last 48 hours (a main piece valued at $125 or higher and a matching piece). The rules regarding this sale are different than the others. If you qualify for this offer, we will customize the matching piece Jr. to match the designs you purchased from us. Please note that the only changes you can request on these offers are the imagery (we will change the imagery to match the images in the designs you previously purchased) and the color (we will change the color to match the designs you previously purchased).

Note: Maybe you’re interested in ordering a custom design, but you want to use one of the templates from this section to create your design. This is perfectly fine! Please note that custom designs start at $199.