Anytime you order a Seal or Logo with Anointed Fire (valued at $125 or more), you become eligible for our Matching Seal or Logo offer.  This irresistible offer allows you to order a custom designed, matching seal or logo for only $99! If you take advantage of this offer, you become eligible for a Matching Piece Jr. for only $59!

What Exactly is a Matching Piece Jr.?

A Matching Piece Jr. is simply a design designed to match a design that matched a design. Were you able to follow? Of course not! But the way it works is, anytime you purchase a store design at $125 or higher OR you purchase a custom design at $199, you become eligible for a matching piece. If you take advantage of the matching piece offer, you qualify for the Matching Piece Jr. offer, whereas, you’ll be able to customize any of the designs on this page to match your designs for only $59.


• Client can only order a matching Piece Jr after the client has placed an order for a Seal or Logo valued at $125 or more AND a matching piece for $99. In other words, this would be the THIRD design that the client has purchased from us within the last 48 hours! The client’s Matching Piece Jr. will be similar to the Seal or Logo he or she purchased.

•All matching Seal and Logo orders must be ordered within 48 hours of the order of the original.  For example, if the client orders a Bishop’s seal and decides to order a matching logo, the client has 48 hours after the initial order of the Bishop’s seal to order the matching logo. After we finish the matching piece, the client has another 48 hours to order the Matching Piece Jr.

• Client can order unlimited matching designs for $59 each.  (Reminder: Order must be placed within 48 hours of matching piece order to qualify.)

• The client can choose one of the templates from our Picturesque mall for us to customize. The color of the design will match the designs the customer just purchased within the 48 hour window, and we will use some of the images from the previous design(s). This means that we will only change the four images in the partitions.

•No free revisions are allowed on Matching Piece Jrs., but corrections are accepted.  All revisions are $49/ each for the first 2 and $99/ each thereafter.

•No refunds or exchanges.