Our clients are often excited when they see our LIVs (Logo Intro Videos), but one of the most common questions that we are asked is, “What can I use these for?” In one hundred percent of those cases, the customers were ready to place their orders, but simply had a few questions. You can use the LIVs form your:

  1. Website Intro Video
  2. Intro Video for Your Video Sermons
  3. Intro Video for Your Talk Show
  4. Intro Video for a Special Video Segment
  5. Intro Video for an Upcoming Event
  6. Outro Video
  7. YouTube Channel Introduction Video

It goes without saying, the opportunities are endless!


Offer:┬áThis offer is for past and present customers! We will create 10 High Definition (random) LIVs (Logo Intro Videos) using the logo or Seal that you’ve purchase from us! Please follow the link below to take advantage of this offer if you’ve purchased a design from us in the past. If you are placing your order today, simply use the form in the checkout to order your logo and/or seal, along with this offer!

(Place Your Order Here)

Because this offer is so inexpensive, we have to set some rules in place to ensure that what was supposed to be a gift of sorts does not end up becoming expensive (time-wise, mentally and monetarily). Please note that this offer may or may not be for you.

Video intros are the craze of today and can be very expensive, so to appreciate what we’re offering, you’ll have to know the value of what you’re getting. For this reason, we thought it best to create a few rules to ensure that the ordering process is effective and simple.

  1. No revisions for any reason. Revisions are $25 per video.

  2. We will not create samples before an order is placed; you have to place your order before we create the videos.

  3. By placing your order, you are simultaneously giving Anointed Fire permission to showcase your video(s) in our portfolio. Please understand that the purpose of this offer is to expand our video portfolio. Any requests to remove the video(s) from our portfolio will be met with a regular price ticket of $25-$49 per video, depending on the video that you want revised.

  4. Why are the videos random? We use certain softwares to create these videos, and in some instances, we work with third-parties, so we have to go with what’s available.