It is VERY IMPORTANT that you familiarize yourself with the ordering process to avoid paying additional processing fees.
  1. (1). Choose the template you want to use.
  2. (2). Choose the images you want on the design. Please note that you are only allowed to fill the partitions, meaning, if the design only has three partitions, you are only allowed to choose three images. (Please see item charts below for more information). If you choose more images than the design allows, your order will be considered incomplete and you will need to pay an additional $19.95 to reprocess your order.
  3. (3). The designs are as-is, however, if you want to change the color of a design, you may do so. Please note that color changes are $15 for non-exclusive designs.
  4. (4). Submit the text you’d like on the design. Please note that we only allow the ministry’s name and the minister’s name on non-exclusive designs since they are limited in space. Scriptures, slogans, establishment dates, etc. are not allowed.


  1. (1). No refunds, exchanges or credits for ANY reason.
  2. (2.) No free revisions. Revisions are $49 each.
  3. (3). The designs featured are not exclusive to the buyer only, meaning, someone else CAN have their designs customized the EXACT way that yours was customized.
  4. (4). The purpose of our non-exclusive templates is to offer an affordable alternative to having a custom design created or purchasing a pre-created design. This option is by no means a replacement of our exclusive designs. With that being said, the non-exclusive option has limitations; for example, every image must fit inside the partitions of the design. We do not add images outside the design (example: wreaths, lions, stairs, etc.), whether it is to frame the design or complement it.  All images must fit inside the design.
  5. (5). Failure to follow the instructions will result in an additional reprocessing fee of $19.95. Of course, this fee is to deter individuals from attempting to get an elaborate custom design by requesting more images than allowed.
  6. (6.) The designs are “as is”. We will not change the ribbons, crowns (for the images that have crowns), etc. We will only change the images in the center of the design.
If you want more customization options, check out our exclusive designs here….

Some of the images featured on our designs are for display purposes only. In some cases, we will use one or more images that are similar but not the same as the images displayed on our featured designs. If the images that we use for your design are different than the images featured, we will send you a sample of the design for your approval before we finalize your order. No worries. We haven’t had a complaint yet.