How Does Logo Ignite Work?

Logo Ignite is comprised of hundreds of logos that can serve as standalone logos or you can add to them (hybrids). All the same, they can serve as centerpiece designs. Let us explain.

Standalone: You can buy any of the logos from the Logo Ignite Collection for $125. We will add your text to the design and send it to you. That’s it! After a design is purchased, we will remove it from our store page so that no one else can purchase that design.

Hybrid: Purchase and add to any of the Logo Ignite designs. You can add lions, ribbons, backdrops (for additional text), etc. Please note that there is a $10 fee for every addition; for example, if you add five images to the design, the total fee for the design will be $125 (design cost) plus $50 for the additional images. Please keep in mind that if the design does not have the space needed to list all of the text that you submit, you will have to pay $10 for every item or ribbon that we have to add to the design to make room for the text.

Centerpiece: What is a Centerpiece? Simply put, you can purchase any of these designs and have them added to the center of another logo or seal. Please note that you will need to purchase the logo that you want to edit, along with the Centerpiece. This includes custom designs. If you want to purchase, for example, a custom Bishop’s seal and you want to use one of the Ignite designs as a Centerpiece, you will need to pay the custom design fee (starting at $199) along with the $99 fee for the Logo Ignite design. Note: we’ve discounted the Logo Ignite designs to $99 for clients who purchase these designs as Centerpieces for a custom design package that they are purchasing from our site.

Rules of Engagement

  1. To change the color of a Logo Ignite design is $99.
  2. We do not offer trials. In other words, you cannot request that we add and then take away items and images from the logo just to see what it looks like. Any time we add an item to the logo, the fee is $10 for that additional item or image; yes, even if you ask to remove it.
  3. One free revision. Additional revisions are $49 each.
  4. We cannot remove wreaths or items from any of the Logo Ignite designs.
  5. Please do not submit excessive text for these designs, as they don’t have a lot of room for text. We can add additional ribbons and backdrops to make room for text, but if and whenever we do this, the fee is $10 for every item or image added.