ORDER WIZARD (Package 003/ $69 Offer)




The designs below are examples of some of the customizations we’ve created using our system.  They are also available for sale.  Please be reminded that the designs in our store are NOT exclusive to the buyer, and this includes the images featured below.
We simply wanted to show you how creative you can be with your design, even with the limitations of our Template Store.


It is absolutely necessary that you read and understand the rules and guidelines associated with our Template store to ensure a smooth transaction. Not reading the rules will not exempt anyone from them, nor do we offer credits, exchanges or refunds for any reason.
This is the Template Store. The designs featured in this store are NOT exclusive to the buyer only, meaning, someone else can have a Seal or Logo customized EXACTLY like your design. If you prefer an exclusive design, please shop our Main Store or our Specialty Store. The designs in our Main Store and our Specialty Store are exclusive to the buyer only, but the designs in our Template Store are not exclusive to the buyer.


1. Choose the shape of the design you want.
2. Choose the centerpiece for the design you want.
3. Choose the color(s) for your new design.  (You can choose up to four colors).
4. Choose the images for your new design. (You can choose up to four images).
5. Choose the topper (Crown or Mitre) you’d like on your design.
6. Choose your design’s font.
7. Submit the text you’d like on the design.
8. Submit the payment.
Paypal will email you the receipt for your transaction. Make sure you input your email address correctly to ensure that your receipt and design are emailed to you without incident. Be sure that you receive online confirmation that your payment has been made as well. You do NOT need a Paypal account to make payments through Paypal.


1. No revisions are allowed for any reason. Additional revisions are $25 each.
2. No customer submitted images are allowed. This includes, but is not limited to: logos, vector images and photos.
3. We only allow the use of shapes and images featured in our Order Wizard. You can, however, browse our site and specifically request an image. Of course, when requesting a specific image, you must give the page number, identification number and image name of the image you’re requesting. If the image is available, we will add it to the customer’s design. An example would be requesting that we use the dove featured on Elegante-045 (Page 6 listing).
4. Our color swatch is for customers who want a specific shade of the colors they are requesting. If you do not select a specific color, we will use our most popular shades of the colors requested.
5. You MUST submit text to be featured on the design. We do NOT send out images without text.
6. We do not send out or sale PSD files for any reason.
7. No exchanges, refunds or credits for ANY reason.
8. For template designs, we only allow the use of the fonts featured in our Order Wizard.
9. Requested images must remain inside the design; for example, if you order a set of lions, the lions will NOT be placed outside the design, but will be placed in the centerpiece of the design.