We Have More Than 1,000 Available Designs In Our Store

With more than one thousand available Seal and Logo designs in our store, Anointed Fire is the largest provider of Seals, Logos and Crests in the United States and abroad.  And yes, our designs are exclusive to the buyer only, unless otherwise noted.  In other words, if you buy one of our store featured designs, we will remove it from our store and never sell it again!  It’s yours exclusively!



Plan A
Custom Seal or Logo (Graphic)
Up to One Revision
Plan B
Custom Seal or Logo (Graphic)
Up to Two Revisions
Plan C
Custom Seal or Logo (Graphic)
Up to Three Revisions

What’s New with Anointed Fire

We Now Sell Custom Templates for as Little as $49!

Check out our new and innovative Custom Template Creator, where you can choose the shape, centerpiece, topper, colors and imagery for your new design.

You will receive your new design in 48 hours or less!

Please note that the designs created and sold using the Custom Template Creator are not exclusive to the buyer only.  If you prefer a design that is exclusive to the buyer, be sure to visit our Seal and Logo Store or our Specialty Store.  You can also have a design custom created exclusively for you by clicking “Order Custom Design” in the navigation above.


Why Anointed Fire

With Anointed Fire, You Get:

Unquestionable Excellence
Affordable Rates
24 Hour Turnaround on Storefront Designs
72 Hour Turnaround on Custom Designs
Exclusive Designs
And Much More!

Special Offer

Get a custom designed matching Seal or Logo for $99 when you purchase a Seal or Logo at regular price ($125 and up).  Your matching piece must be purchased in 48 hours or less after we’ve finalized your initial order.  Click the link below for more information.

Custom Designs Start $199 & Up

Ninety-nine percent of our customers pay $199 for their custom designed Seals and/or Logos.  Our cost effective approach allows us to create your ministerial design at a price you can afford.  Additionally, our turnaround time on custom designs is 72 hours or less!  If you need your design sooner, we now offer rush services for a small fee of $25!

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